O2+ flush device

The O2+ flush device is suitable for a quick oxygen supply directly at the mixed gases outlet at the end of an anesthesia circuit. 

Made of anodized aluminum, it is equipped with an anesthetic mixture inlet connection, an oxygen enriched mixture outlet connection,
an O2 feeding connection and a supply button. Different constructions can be made on request.

Tech Info

Sizes (LxWxH)

93x63x80 mm


0.34 Kg

Mixed gases iniet connection

conical connection 23 mm M., ISO DIN 5356/1

Mixed gases outlet connection

conical connection 23 mm F., ISO DIN 5356/1


3.5 - 5 bar ± 20%

O2 feeding connection

automatic type for Ø 6 mm PA hose

O2 quick supply

when pushed it can supply more than 45 L/min. O2 (at 3.5 bar)

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