EasyCARE® PLUS pressure regulators

The EasyCARE® PLUS two stage pressure regulators are suitable for direct mounting on oxygen and medical air cylinders.

Its structure is very compact and lightweight and it is particularly suitable for oxygen therapy. The body is made of brass and aluminium with an integrated calibrated orifices “dial” flowmeter having 10 preset medical gas flow options and it is housed inside a techno-polymer shock proof shell to protect the assembly, while a large ergonomic control knob with Soft Grip inserts allows the operator to easily adjust the gas flow between the 10 possible preset options. They are equipped with a preset overpressure safety valve, and can be supplied, as an option, with a terminal unit connected to the first stage chamber which allows to get an additional and separate source of medical gas. The outlet has a nipple with two connection threads on the two ends, for an easy and quick interchangeability.

The pressure calibration of the individual stages is fixed and a pressure gauge, with easy reading colored sections, allows to get view continuously of the cylinder gas level, up to minimum allowed. A protective silicone cover and a techno-polymer support prevent gauge damages caused by possible shocks received during transport or use. The gauge in tilted position helps in reading even if the regulator is assembled on cylinders having small dimensions.



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Tech Info

Sizes (LxWxH)

57x160x128 mm (with UNI 11144 cylinder connection and without optional terminal unit)


0.75 Kg (without optional terminal unit)

Maximum gas supply pressure

200 bar

Pressure control gauge

315 bar end of scale

End of scale standard flow values

6 L/min. • 14 L/min. • 15 L/min. • 30 L/min. • 50 L/min.

Flow rates

10 (0+9 preset values)

Gases options

O2 - AIR

Dial flowmeter accuracy

±10% read value or ±0.5 L/min. if greater between 10% and 100% E.O.S.
±10% read value or ±0.2 L/min. if greater for flows < 10% E.O.S.

Pressure reducer assy

double stage with shutter system

Flow setting data

1013 mbar 23 °C

Inlet cylinder connections

UNI 11144 • EN 850 • NF-E 29-656 • BS 341-3 • DIN 477-1
• ISO 5145 • CGA 540

Outlet connections

Nipple with double thread, interchangeable by the end user:
• M12x1.25 M. - 1/4” ISO 3253 M.
• 9/16” UNF EN 13544-2 M. - 1/4” ISO 3253 M.
• M12x1.25 M. - 9/16” UNF EN 13544-2 M.

Terminal unit (optional)

AFNOR NF-S 90-116 • UNI 9507 • BS 5682 • DIN 13260 • SS 875 24 30

Supply pressure

360÷550 kPa (with cylinder pressure between 200 and 60 bar and constant flow of 40 L/min. 23 °C)

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EasyCARE® PLUS pressure regulators

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