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flow-meter™ has many years’ experience in the field of medical devices, with a constantly improving sales performance due to progressive technical development of our devices. Our products are continually being modified, improved and updated in response to the demands and indications of the market.



However flow-meter has also recognized that, in order to be really revolutionary in engineering, it is necessary to bring new products to the market. We therefore aim to offer evolutions of existing products, or new technical solutions, before demand for them actually arises. In our opinion, this philosophy of an engineering revolution can be expressed in three main principles of project development and technical management: the ability to be innovative in the projects, the use of the most advanced manufacturing technologies and the constant application of intelligent design in order to obtain products which have a distinctive style and ergonomic shape while fully conforming to all safety requirements. We gave a name to this way of thinking: Easy, and all the new products presented here follow this philosophy.

Easy Line | flow-meter™


Without doubt the innovation is visible in this case more than ever.

A comparison with previous flow-meter™ equivalents as well as those of competitors gives an immediate indication of how and where these new devices are different. These eight products, the main devices used in the supply and measurement of medical gases and vacuum control in suction, have been completely revised and updated with several new features. Small but substantial changes giving consistent increases in performance.
A revolution indeed.

Innovation | flow-meter™
Technology | flow-meter™


The big breakthrough in the new product range is evident in the technology used.

Each of the new devices presented boasts unique technical specifications which are the result of bold, avant-garde choices. In fact the usual technical description used until now no longer seems sufficient to define the device.
Because the flowmeter is no longer only a dispenser of fluid, the vacuum regulator no longer only controls and sets the depression values. The same applies to all the products presented here. In fact we are now in the presence of perfect small new machines for medical gases
and vacuum supply and control.



No wonder the aesthetic aspect of our devices is so pleasing to the eye.

We are Italians, so it is normal that our customers expect a little extra from us with regards to the physical form; a hint of madness in the proportions, a flash of genius in the shapes compared with even our most qualified competition.
The biggest challenge, indeed, is to make the appealing shapes of such important objects as medical devices also functional in terms of ease of use and safety, considering the delicate nature of their application. A pleasant and attractive design is not possible without careful attention to every single detail, which is only achieved through a great deal of research and development, not to mention professionalism. This is the intelligent design.

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