The Easy Line family of products wins the Red Dot Award!


The latest edition of the renowned competition saw flow-meter™, together with the DNA team, receive the important Red Dot Award in the "Product Design - Medical Design & Healthcare" category for the recently launched Easy Line family of products.
One of the world's most prestigious and established industrial design competitions, the Red Dot Design Award identifies projects that best meet the criteria of high aesthetic quality, functionality and innovation.
The flow-meter™, line of medical devices is dedicated to the measurement, control, and delivery of medical gases, grouping them according to their applications in oxygen therapy, noninvasive ventilation, and fluid aspiration. These units are mainly used for three major macro areas: CRITICAL CARE, OXYGENTERAPY and FLUID ASPIRATION, and the product line consists of 8 devices. The yellow color identifies the range of products dedicated to fluid aspiration, while the blue color is dedicated to oxygen therapy and non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Keeping in mind their essential use, the design was focused on ease of use and reducing the possibility of error or accidental activation, while the study was conducted with in-depth ergonomic analysis and through usability tests for hospital and home use. The result has thus led to a range of innovative devices that are intuitive and easy to use.
Main concepts:
- EXCELLENT ERGONOMY and PRECISION to avoid the possibility of errors.
- DESIGN INCENTRATED ON THE PATIENT, with a pleasant and reassuring style

Product name: Easy Line product family.

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