Important restyling for Flovac. At more than ten years from its birth, the flagship product of flow-meter™ has undergone some modifications which have allowed us to further refine the collection device, making it even safer and more hygienic, practical and economical in daily hospital use. The inlet fitting has been modified. It now has a connection for quick and univocal assembling. This fitting, in addition to guaranteeing a smaller size and facilitating the packaging of the device, permits to connect and disconnect with extreme ease and speed the container from the power source and, at the same time prevent in a reliable and safe way an inversion of the Vacuum and Patient connections. Also the thickness of the walls of the liners have been optimised, maintaining the original resistance of the device from falling so as to facilitate both the packaging and the distension of the liner during the starting up by the operator. This modification allows above all to further improve hospital use and also permits a considerable reduction of the volumes of transport and storage of the packages. The selling confection is also new: the use of a new box allows a saving in volume of 7% with respect to the present one, guaranteeing an improvement of the factor of filling of the means of transport equal to about 20%. In the course of the restyling the technicians have succeeded in further improving the production process with the use of new innovative technologies for the control of the different phases of workmanship and automatic assemblage, in order to guarantee almost absolute safety in terms of reliability of the product and of the protection of the operators, the patients and the hospital environment.   

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