LCR Honda and Crutchlow: a weekend to forget in Japan


Cal Crutchlow’s comments at the end of the Japanese MotoGP really sum up how the weekend went for Team Lcr Honda, who are currently sponsored by flow-meter™.

“Let’s forget this weekend and start over in Australia.”

The British rider set off in the fifth row and suffered numerous difficulties due to the water being thrown up by the riders ahead of him. After only five laps he slid off the track.

Getting back into the race with his second bike proved fruitless. The poor weather conditions and lack of visibility hugely penalised Cutchlow, who came off the track again just a few laps later, effectively ending his race. The Motegi Grand Prix in Japan went to Andrea Dovizioso of Ducati following a lengthy battle with Marc Marquez.

The next event, on Sunday 22 October, is the Philip Island Grand Prix in Australia, which last year saw Crutchlow top the podium.

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