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flow-meter™ is introducing new FM Type Pressure Regulators  with a 4-20 mA output signal for ambulances. The devices are suitable for direct mounting on the oxygen cylinder and are equipped with a gauge that has a 4-20 mA continuous electric output signal to permit monitoring of feed pressure and interfacing with the control unit.


The flow regulation knob of the EASYCARE® Type Pressure Regulators and EASYMED® Type Flowmeters has been modified, adding ribbing, perfectly integrated with the general aesthetics of the device, which permits easy operation and improved overall ergonomics.


The flowmeters type EASYMED® are instant flow measuring devices with calibrated holes suitable for the dosage of medical gases. Particularly suitable for oxygen therapy, they are manufactured with an integrated regulator for the inlet pressure stabilization and with an outlet threaded connection adequate to the different requested applications.


The pressure regulators type EASYCARE® are suitable for the direct mounting on the cylinders and they have a particularly compact and light construction in which a flowmeter with calibrated holes and a terminal unit (optional) are integrated.


Komis 2 is composed of two NO cylinders in known N2 concentration (within 1000 ppm), a supply control system, managed by CPU as well as by servoactuators required for N2 circuits cleaning process.


The Pressure regulator integrated with cylinder valve type MERCURY® is a product designed to be fitted directly onto oxygen cylinders, with a 25E (EN 629-1) or 17E (EN ISO 11116-1) threaded connection. It is equipped with a recharging valve designed to meet the reference standards in the different countries where it is marketed.

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